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Kent Property Added To Preservation Program
Kent Property Added To Preservation Program

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February 11,2013

The state has added 399 acres to its permanently protected rural landscape, eliminating 19 developmental rights in three counties, according to a news release from the Department of Natural Resources.

Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown and the Board of Public Works approved the funding Feb. 6 to preserve land located in Kent, Frederick and Washington counties, adding them to the state's Rural Legacy Program.

“In protecting these areas, we are preserving lands rich in heritage and history, lands that produce food and support our local farmers, lands that provide scenic open space and wildlife habitat, and lands with plants, trees and other natural buffers that work to restore our waters,” said Brown in a statement.

In Kent County, preservation of the Bontrager property in the Agricultural Security Corridor Rural Legacy Area's Sassafras Focus Area will permanently protect 158 acres and prevent the development of 10 lots. The property includes 120 acres of agricultural soils and 30 acres of bottomland forest, including a 100-foot forested riparian buffer.

The easement adds to the more than 3,700 acres of protected land within two miles of the property, contributing to a rural working landscape in the Kent County portion of the Sassafras Focus Area. The riparian buffers on more than 1,200 feet of Still Pond Creek will help filter runoff before it reaches the Chesapeake Bay.

The Eastern Shore Land Conservancy and the DNR will hold the easement. The Rural Legacy Area totals 45,781 acres, of which 22,017 are currently protected.

The approved easements also protect 76 acres of agricultural and forested lands in Frederick County and 137 acres of farmland in Washington County.

The Rural Legacy Program has to date provided more than $235 million to protect 75,435 acres of valuable farmland, forests and natural areas in the state.



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