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Tough Questions


  • How do I let real estate agents, and other farm owners know I have land for sale? 
  • How do I promote my property to potential buyers from across the country and around the world?
  • How do I reach people who are actively looking for a farm property? Real Estate is the solution to your real estate marketing needs!

Highlight your property information on Real Estate to effectively market your farm property to both potential buyers as well as real estate agents. Real Estate will assist you in marketing your farm to fellow farmers and real estate agents in your county, within your state or province, across the United States, North America and the world, who work in farming and specialize in agriculture real estate every day. Real Estate is one of the most extensive agricultural real estate networks in the world!

How do I place my property information on the Real Estate website?

Once you become a For Sale By Owner member you will be able to easily manage and control your property information, making changes over time based on feedback about your property, for example, adding features about the property that you didn't realize were so important.  Once you have sold your property, you can easily end your monthly membership.....and search Real Estate to find your next farm property.


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