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Lynn Prine


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  Listing Code# 8103269 $362,000.00   $484,066.40 
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Location :Central, Mississippi, USA

Total Acres:181 Acres
Workable Acres:181 Acres
Remark:Excellent hunting & fishing. Topography: Flat with drainages.
Soil Type:N/A
Listing Remarks:Abandoned gravel sites located on the northern portion of the tract are used for fishing and waterfowl. Open areas include a pipeline which crosses the middle of the property, abandoned gravel pits, and approximately 21.7 acres of cultivated field in the southern portion of the property. Access is by gravel road on the eastern side of the property. The western side of the property fronts the Tombigbee River. Tract is located just north of tracts Holloway 75 and Holloway 346 also listed at this site.
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